Comfortable Online Storage - Your data safe in the cloud!

You have from any Internet-enabled device at any time access to your files and you can share with friends or business partners.


Benefits of NETdrive:

  • Central data storage - all content available anytime online
  • Worldwide securely access from any Internet-enabled device
  • Safe alternative to USB drives, CDs, DVDs and external hard drives
  • High security through encryption
  • Share files safely and easily with friends and colleagues
  • Integration in the Windows File Manager
  • WebDAV: Access on the go with any mobile phone

All files centrally and securely in one place!

With the online hard drive store photos, music and documents easily online, access it securely at anytime and share it with others. All files are in one place and can be accessed worldwide from any Internet-enabled device.

Packages & Prices

Cloud Hosting


  • Discspace
  • Traffic/month
  • User
  • File sharing feature
  • File sharing with password / timing
  • Pictures preview and slideshow
  • Folder sharing
  • WebDAV
  • SSL encryption
  • Setup fee
NETdrive S

3,99€ /per month

  • 5 GB
  • 3 GB
  • 2
  • 9,99€
NETdrive S
NETdrive M

9,99€/per month

  • 10 GB
  • 7 GB
  • 5
  • 9,99€
NETdrive M
NETdrive L

14,99€/per month

  • 15 GB
  • 12 GB
  • 10
  • 9,99€
NETdrive L

With the NETdirve online storage from you have anytime, anywhere access to your files. You can simply use the convenient online access.


+352 20 601 001

Tarif Features

The following features are available in all of our packages.

  • Server location

    All our servers are hosted in a high security data center in Luxembourg City - Cloche d'Or.

  • SSL encryption

    Encrypted and secure transmission of your data between your PC or smartphone and our servers.

  • Firewall

    Real-time protection against attacks, detection and filtering of worms and viruses activites.

  • Availability

    A multi-redundant internet connectivity ensures maximum server uptime - with at least 99%.

  • Free Support

    Our support system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    Our systems are monitored around the clock every 5 minutes.

  • Backup System

    We create daily backups of all data that you store with us.

  • WebDAV

    Simple and secure integration as a local drive in Windows file manager